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About Our Company

Observer Ventures LLC is an Ian Rugg and Thomas Rademaker collaboration. We began Observer Ventures with the idea of providing drone services including aerial photography, aerial security monitoring, construction reporting, and agricultural mapping. To complete these services we built our own custom drones because we were not satisfied with the current drones on the market.

Our services have since expanded and offer high resolution orthomosaic mapping. In under 30 minutes, we can map up to 100 acres at a resolution of 5cm/pixel and an accuracy within 2-4cm. This allows us to effectively survey land and job sites faster and more efficiently than traditional surveyors.

Ian has been a drone enthusiast for over 10 years. He has been building and designing his own multi-rotor solutions from the very start. Ian has a background in software engineering, web development, and electrical engineering. His enthusiasm for all electrical engineering started at an early age, giving him a wealth of knowledge in that area.

Thomas has been a drone enthusiast for over 4 years. His background is in software engineering has helped him learn the ins and outs of designing and building multi-rotors.